“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

The Loving Pathway

1:1 Mentorship

A tailored individual 6 months transformation journey that focuses on embodying love and connection.

Are you ready to make lasting changes?

Life can feel overwhelming & unbearable and you might have come to the point where any sense of relief is better than none.

I’ve worked with many different clients who, like you, have found temporary ways to “escape” their situation. This could look like having an extra piece of cake or saying yes to a family catch up to “keep the peace” or taking on an additional project to not have to feel the emotions inside.

I’ve also witnessed them chasing their tail because the temporary escape was just that, temporary, which is why I have created The Loving Pathway – 1:1 Mentorship program to support you, find relief and create change that lasts.

The Loving Pathway – 1:1 Mentorship will support you moving towards:

  • Feeling deeply connected to yourself and those around you
  • Discovering who you are
  • Becoming clear on your meaning and purpose in life
  • Consciously creating the life you want
  • Having agency, choice, and safety
  • Living your life from a place of love

A better version of myself

I will keep it short but Alma has really helped me in a lot of different areas to grow and become a better version of myself which I think is always important.

~ Anonymous ~

The Loving Pathway

1:1 Mentorship

is a good fit, if:

  • I’m ready to put myself first and commit to my individual journey of growth
  • I’d like individualised thorough support
  • I want to build a loving relationship with myself
  • I’m interested not only in the cognitive understanding of my experience but an embodied approach to change
  • I’m curious about discovering pathways for deep transformation and healing
  • I want a safe and trusting space to explore, be met and seen

isn’t a good fit, if:

  • I’m just interested in a “quick fix” or a “band aid” solution

  • I just want to address one or two issues in my life

  • I’m only interested in talking therapy, no body based practices

  • I want to use a mental health care plan

  • I want to be diagnosed with a mental health condition

What’s included?

The Loving Pathway

1:1 Mentorship

13 x 1 hour video or telephone sessions (every fortnight for 6 months)

Regular therapy sessions give you maximum support. They are like anchors in a storm.

6 x 60 minutes individual embodiment session (yin yoga and meditation)

The monthly embodiment sessions offer opportunities to build pathways to reconnect with your body.

Monthly educational videos, somatic practices, and more that you can access in your own time

A key aspect in growth and healing is building understanding and awareness.

Voicemail access to me between sessions

The Loving Pathway – 1:1 Mentorship aims to support you to build a loving relationship with yourself, so you can live and experience life in the fullest way possible.

Each month offers an opportunity for expansion and growth by focussing on different areas of your experience that might have been compromised by past hurt and trauma.

In addition to your  1:1 sessions with me every month, you’ll also receive educational videos, somatic practices, journaling prompts, and more to support you exploring each monthly theme.

Some of the topics we’ll explore include:

  • Nervous system regulation
  • Emotional healing
  • Self-connection & inner child
  • Repatterning coping mechanisms
  • Practising self compassion