A safe space, whatever that might look for you, offers a sense of comfort and relief from the unpredictable or overwhelming aspects of life.

The Loving Pathway

1:1 Therapeutic Yoga

The impacts of trauma are extensive. It can result in you feeling fragmented; like you’ve lost a fundamental part of yourself.
Perhaps you’ve disconnected from your internal world (emotions, body sensations, etc) to distance yourself from difficult emotions and memories. While that has no doubt helped you to get through life, it would have come at a cost.
Disconnecting from your body to not feel the pain also makes it more challenging to experience positive emotions such as love, peace, and connection.

Healing from trauma offers opportunities for you to befriend your body; and it’s essential for that to take place at a pace that honours you and your needs.

This is why I’ve created The Loving Pathway – 1:1 Therapeutic Yoga which has foundations in Trauma Theory, Attachment Theory, and Neuroscience. It offers opportunities for you to make choices based on a felt sense of your own body.

While this offering uses physical shapes and movements, the focus is on your internal experience, rather than the external appearance of the shape, thereby supporting you to restore your connection between your body, mind, and self.

The Loving Pathway – 1:1 Therapeutic Yoga, fosters:

  • Agency, choice, and safety
  • A connection to your own body and internal world
  • Making choices based on internal feedback such as sensations, muscle tension, posture, emotions, etc
  • Capacity to experience the full range of emotions, while feeling centred and grounded

Warm and gentle approach

Alma is a one of a kind guide who blends her counselling and therapeutic skills with her teachings in yoga to truly support her clients and students to shift trauma from their bodies and minds.

Alma has such a warm and gentle approach to her teachings and truly lives up to her signature method, The Loving Pathway. The journey she takes you on is unique, healing and transformative given how knowledgeable she is in so many aspects of healing and trauma.

~ Emily May ~

The Loving Pathway

1:1 Therapeutic Yoga

is a good fit, if I’m interested in:

  • Practising making choices based on my internal response
Building a loving relationship with my body & internal world

  • Connecting to my body in a safe way

  • Experiencing a safe environment

isn’t a good fit, if I’m interested in:

  • Being directed in my movements

  • Being given feedback related to the shapes I make

  • A “workout”

What’s included?

The Loving Pathway

1:1 Therapeutic Yoga

This offering meets you exactly where you’re at. 
You can choose:

  • The time frame: 30 minutes, 
45 minutes, or 60 minutes
  • The frequency: you can decide after each session if you’d like to book another one

The investment is:

  • $97: 30 minutes

  • $147: 45 minutes

  • $197: 60 minutes

Concession holders please contact me for details to book your session.

Are you ready to take a step closer and begin the journey of reconnecting to your body?