Every journey begins with a first step; take yours now to address the challenges you’re currently facing.

The Loving Pathway

1:1 Therapy

Individualised 1:1 support using talking therapy and somatic practices to find strategies and resources that help you deal with the struggles in your life.

Do you feel everything is just a big mess and you’re unsure where to begin?

Sometimes life feels like you’re trying to juggle 100 different balls while trying to avoid dropping one. And before you know it everything feels like it’s falling apart.

I’ve had lots of clients come to me saying “tell me I’m not crazy” or “I just don’t know what to do anymore” or “I don’t know where to start”. The despair and feelings of being lost I’ve witnessed are the reasons for this offering.

When life feels “too much” we often don’t know where to begin, which is the perfect starting point for 1:1 Therapy.

In 1:1 Therapy, you will:

  • Have a safe space for you to express what has been going on for you
  • Be met with openness and acceptance
  • Have opportunities to explore your situation further and start to make sense of what is happening
  • Be supported in finding strategies and resources to deal with your challenges and start to make changes towards creating the life you want

Completely transformational

My work with Alma has been integral to my healing journey. I have felt completely safe, supported, seen and heard. It is a truly unique way of working that has resonated deeply with me. The use of embodiment and working in the moment has been completely transformational. It is so organic, real, visceral and explorative. I cannot recommend her enough. She shares the experience with you and is there every step of the way.

~ Libby Friels ~

What’s included?

The Loving Pathway

1:1 Therapy

Your session is 60 minutes and can be either via telephone or video (you choose!).

To accommodate your unique journey of growth, you can decide after each session if you’d like to book another appointment.

I offer both full-fee and concession priced options:

Full-fee: $197
Concession: $147

Private health rebates available  for: AHM, ARHG, and BUPA

Concession holders please contact me for details to book your session.

Every journey begins with a first step

take yours now to address the challenges you’re currently facing.