How I care about your personal information

Hi there! This URL httpss://, is owned and operated by Alma Brock and my business Alma Viktoria Brock ABN 67 681 168 319.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact me at I am happy to answer any relevant questions.

This page sets out my Privacy Policy. It describes how I collect and manage your personal information when you interact with this site. I take this responsibility very seriously. If you have any questions or concerns about how your personal information is being handled, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I choose to voluntarily comply with the Australian Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act).

In this policy I will describe how I manage your personal information.

1. The kinds of personal information I collect

If you engage with me via this website, or choose to become my client I may ask to collect the following kinds of personal information from you, including:

      • contact details;
      • your name and email address when you opt in to my email newsletter or download one of my freebies;
      • your mailing address for the country in which you live and your phone number if you book one of my services;
      • your opinion about future topics, products or services that may interest you
      • your credit card details to set up electronic payments processing via Halaxy

2. How I collect and use your personal information

I may collect your personal information by various means including:

      • you contact me with a question, comment or inquiry; an opt-in form for my mailing list or free download;
      • when you email me;
      • you attend a workshop or event where I am hosting or presenting;
      • you correspond with me on a social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, or similar sites;
      • you purchase a product or service from me;
      • a third party refers you to me or supplies information to me about you; or
      • automatically, through the use of cookies

I may collect, hold and use your personal information in order to:

      • respond to your enquiries
      • provide you with relevant news and updates about my services
      • improve this website and the services I provide

I will only collect your personal information:

      • with your full awareness and consent, such as when you email me, tick a checkbox or fill in a form to provide me with information or visit my website;
      • if I need it to provide you with information or services that you request;
      • if I am legally required to collect it;
      • for necessary administrative processes if you become my client; or
      • if I believe that I can demonstrate a legitimate interest in using your data for marketing purposes, although I will always give you a choice to opt out.

3. I may collect, hold and use your sensitive information

I understand that some personal information is particularly sensitive, and that you are trusting me to keep this information confidential.

I will only collect sensitive information by methods that are reasonably secure, such as:

      • through my intake form in Calendly when you book an appointment with me;
      • in a Google Meet consultation, telephone call, or face to face;
        when you send me information in an email (please note that email may not
      • be sufficiently secure – if the information is extremely sensitive, ask me about alternative ways to share it with me).

The reason why I collect this information is:

      • so that I can provide you with the services you have requested from me;
      • to ensure that I am providing you with the most appropriate services.

4. Opting out of marketing communications

I may, from time to time, send you newsletters, invitations and updates about my services. I will only do so if you have requested to receive such communications. You can opt out of receiving any further such communications by notifying me using my contact details below, or by clicking the “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of any marketing email received from me.

5. Security

I am committed to securely storing and handling your sensitive information.

      • Sensitive information is stored on a password-protected computer.
      • I am the only person who has access to it
      • Some sensitive information may be stored securely online, or in the cloud through Halaxy, iCloud, and Agiled. You can find out more about their security provisions in the section on Security below.

All archived sensitive information is securely destroyed after 7 years.

You may choose not to provide me with your sensitive information. However, if you choose not to be completely honest with me, I may not be able to provide you with the services that you request.

6. Confidentiality

All personal information gathered by me during the provision of the service will remain confidential and secure except where:

      • It is subpoenaed by a court
      • Failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at serious and imminent risk
      • There may be times where, as part of the therapy process it may be helpful for me to liaise with my professional supervisor or with professionals involved in your care.
      • Additional consent forms will be requested for the latter instance. Please note that if you intend to claim rebates from Private Health agencies or another organisation then I might be required to provide summary reports to your referring specialist regarding your treatment progress.

If you have any concerns regarding the disclosure of your information in this context, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss this personally.

7. Security

I take reasonable physical, technical and administrative safeguards to protect your personal and sensitive information from misuse, interference, loss, and unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

I manage risks to your information by:

      • risk management;
      • storing files securely;
      • ensuring that only I have access to sensitive information;
      • releasing information to service providers on a strictly need-to-know basis;
      • conducting regular audits of my security systems.

As mentioned above, your information may also be stored with a third-party provider, where it will be managed under their security policy. The following security policies may apply during our work together:

8. Cookies & Google Analytics

I use cookies from third-party service providers as above, such as Google and Facebook, to provide more information about users of my website for marketing purposes. This helps me understand in more detail how my website is being used. It also allows me to customise the information and advertising that is displayed to you about my services on other sites that you may visit.

I may also use these cookies to collect information about how often my ads are being shown to you and which ads you have been shown.

Google Analytics
I use Google Analytics to collect information about your use of my website so that I can get strategic information about how my website is being used and improve its functionality. You can find out more about the information Google collects and how it is used here: httpss://

Google also provides an add-on for your browser that you can use to opt-out and prevent your data being used by Google Analytics. You can access that add-on here: httpss://

9. Access to Information

You can contact me to access, correct or update your personal information at any time. Unless I am subject to a confidentiality obligation or some other restriction on giving access to the information which permits me to refuse you access under the Privacy Act, and I believe there is a valid reason for doing so, I will endeavour to make your information available to you within 30 days. 

10. Complaints

If a breach of this Privacy Policy occurs, or if you wish to request a change to your personal information, you may contact me by sending an email outlining your concerns to me at and I will endeavour to respond to any complaint within 7 days.

If you are not satisfied with my response to your complaint you may seek a review by contacting the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner using the information available at

11. Notification of Change

If I decide to change my Privacy Policy, I will post a copy of the revised policy on my website.

12. Notification of Breach

If I have reason to suspect that a serious data breach has occurred and that this may result in harm or loss to you, I will immediately assess the situation and take appropriate remedial action. If I still believe that you are at risk, I will notify the Office of the Information Commissioner and either notify you directly, or if that is not possible, publicise a notification of the breach on this website.